To help accelerate the pace of discovery in type 1 diabetes research, the Brehm Coalition employs systems analysis and operations research. These are techniques designed to deal with the analysis of large, complex systems and the interactions among those systems. The analysts began by addressing key strategic and tactical tasks.

Strategic Tasks

  • Characterize the universe of research in type 1 diabetes and establish a comprehensive picture of the research and resource landscape to leverage resources and accelerate research
  • Identify barriers along the research continuum from basic research to therapies and determine if any of the barriers can be lowered or eliminated using a new approach
  • Characterize the type 1 diabetes research enterprise and its current and potential participants, to assess how the elements fit and work together and to determine how they could be brought together in more productive ways

Tactical Tasks

  • Identify opportunities for the coalition members to collaborate on scientific research
  • Identify resources at the coalition member institutions that can be shared to reduce redundant expenditures of effort or money
  • Identify organizations with potential to become collaborators and/or supporters of the work of the coalition to enhance shared missions

By understanding the strategic and tactical components of the type 1 diabetes enterprise, the members of the coalition can better:

  • Optimize organization
  • Prioritize research activities
  • Understand beneficial partnerships
  • Determine how to measure progress
  • Break down barriers